About Us

Figure loving fashion is a premium online retail store selling glamorous trendy clothes and accessories from different retailers around the world. Our Site and retail partners feature clothing for all shapes and sizes, We hand pick exclusive up and coming designers as well as known high end luxury brands just for our customers. 

We believe looking and feeling your best shouldn't change, even when your body does, because looking glamourous is for everyone.


Evening Gowns: Occasional eveningwear dresses with a luxury feel

Club wear: Beautiful stylish party wear.

Prom Pretty: A selection of prom worthy gowns.

Work & Everyday wear: Sleek, trendy and stylish work wear and fashionable, stylish on trend clothing for everyday wear.

FLF Plus: Evening dresses just For our curvy plus sized ladies.

4theGlam: Fun, vibrant and glamourous clothing clothes. 


 LoveOfLuxury - Figure Loving Fashion(FLF) Haute Couture lines. (Coming Soon)

Design labels: High end designer brands selection from clothes, shoes and handbags.


Our CEO  has worked with high end prestigious fashion brands for over

a decade, working with such  companies gave great incite into

the different needs of women when it comes to looking and feeling their best.

"As women, our bodies naturally change throughout our lifetime but our

changing bodies shouldn't mean compromising on how we feel in the clothes

we're in. Figure Loving Fashion cater for women of all shapes and size, whether

we want to feel elegant,  sexy or smart, every women should always look and

feel their best"

"Fashion for me isn’t just an expression of oneself but a projection to the world

as to who you are or who you want to be. Seeing people feel great and confident

with the right clothing choices, changes their world because when we feel good

in what we are wearing, we tend to exudes and radiates confidence."

- Gloria O Assibey Owner & CEO